Office Elements V2 Prezi Classic Template

Office elements V2 for prezi Classic is very usefull for teacher or designer.

For example, if you wan to create a very beautifull prezi template for teacher, you can use books items and design you own presentation.With plans items, an achitect can presents also his activity or his agency with prezi.

This collection is very easy to useYou just have to copy item that you want to reuse, past it on your current presentation and that's it ! Resizing is the last thing you can do.  This pack contains :

  • Books
  • Plans
  • Envelope
  • Paper
  • And so much more

Create an office presentation with this wondefull hd elements for prezi classic. It's a perfect collection to create a learning prezi, book launching, office workflow or business services. 

Prezi typePrezi Classic
Product typeElements

$6.00 tax incl.