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The Prezi Free concept is one of the basic offers that the online Prezi templates website proposes. Prezi Free is a free service that completes the paying offers « Prezi Classic » and « Prezi Next ». This product is the entry-level model of the online site. It offers a very rich panel of templates for all sectors of activity. Designed to help companies to promote their business without having to call on service to highly technical design skills, this platform is the result of several specialists’ work who have shared their expertises in different disciplines such as design, graphic motion, marketing and graphic arts.

The best free Prezi templates

In the Prezi Free section, proposed as soon as the home page, you can navigate through several pages that house hundreds of templates. Scroll the page to choose the template you want and then you will be able to click on the sticker in order to get more information about the product. The page of products gives informations about the model in question thanks to a very detailed description of the elements that make up the model such as colours, files and types of graphic elements (vector, png, psd), everything presented in video highly explanatory. We have paid special attention to the quality of the video presentation, so transitions are fluid and very well thought up, the display is of superior quality and text fields are strategically positioned.