Food Elements V3 Prezi Classic Template

Food Elements V3 for Prezi classic contains a lot of hd elements about food and junk food. This set can help you to design your hown presentation with burger or fish pictures. It's very easy to add one of this elements in your presentation. For example, you want to explain your services of coaching. Copy your element and past it in your current presentation.

This pack contains :

  • Cheese
  • meal
  • Steack
  • bacon
  • Burger
  • Taco
  • Pizza
  • Sausages
  • And so much more !

Food elements V3 for Prezi Classic is a powerfull set of prezi elements. This pack is a collection of cheese, meat, and junk food elements. 

UniversDesign / Creative
Prezi typePrezi Classic
Product typeElements

$6.00 tax incl.