Annual report - Prezi Classic Template

Annual report is not always an easy thing to do. That's why we have designed a FREE Annual report prezi classic template. This template allows you to report figures and strategy for your business.

First, insert your logo and your title in our prezi presentation.

You may also change Prezi 3D background. Annual Report template is fully customizable.

Then insert contents and pitcures to customize your prezi presentation as you want. For world strategy, we have created a vectorial world map. Just zoom in and add comments and contents.

You need charts to explain some figures ? No problem, We have prepared a lot of prezi charts that you will enjoy ! Select them, adjust size and color... Everything is possible.

For "Other charts" part, just recrop white element, and that's it. Moreover, you' have about +10 vector icons for prezi to design your  business proccess. Enjoy !

An annual report is a difficult task to achieve. For this we offer this prezi template, to format your annual reports with Prezi. With this template, you can present your numbers, your strategy, and use many icons to explain your data.

Prezi typePrezi Classic
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides30

$6.00 tax incl.