Fashion Prezi classic Template

As a fashionnista you need a prezi template to present your hobby or your fashion services ?

Perfect, we have created for you a cool prezi template. First, explain your concept and add your logo in your Fashion prezi classic template.

Then you can introduce your team by adding profil pictures and names in your presentation. You can also describe your staff in few words. If you need to present services, this fashion prezi template contains icon page template to talk about your passion. Moreover, insert key dates in prezi time line. Lastly, insert your favorite fashion pictures. With this template you can easily duplicate prezi page templates for other contents. Enjoy !

Fashion Prezi classic template is a perfect template to present fashion trends, pictures or new concept about fashion. A good prezi template for your blog for example. 

UniversDesign / Creative
Prezi typePrezi Classic
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides23

$6.00 tax incl.