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You want to rise founds and need to make a presentation that catches your investors’ attention to join your ap ?

Content of the special for mobile application Prezi template

The Prezi App template is a very creative template to display your mobile application. Prezi App template is completely transformable. You can thus put it in compliance with your brand. It is very easy to do it. Colour, logo, photos, 3D background, everything has been done to enable you to customize your presentation in only a few clicks.

Then you can fill in your Prezi Next template App helping you with the various pre-defined steps. For example, integrate your own digital models into the mobile phones. Then display your geo-localization features by introducing your Prezi map, as shown in the example page. We have also planed for you profile page examples. Once your App displayed, you can launch yourself into explaining your strategy. Indicate your key figures for example.

To close the display of your App with Prezi Next, complete the contact page model and it’s done !

Hey, we have also intended an icons pack !

This Prezi Next template allows you to present your App ! Fully customizable, change color and pictures and pitch your idea like a pro.

UniversSocial media
Prezi typePrezi Classic
Product typeTemplate

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