Just me - Resume prezi next template

You want to convert your resume on Prezi Next but you don’t really know how to start ?
We have organized everything for you. Just me – Prezi Next template is fully changable !

Colour, photos, icons and content, eveything has been done to value your experience.

Distinguish yourself with your Resume on Prezi

To begin, tell some words about you. Explain for example why you want so much join that company.
Then point out your language level and some key information about your experience.

Helping you with timeline model page, tell then your year for year experience. We have also designated a special part to enable you to show your school career.

Now it’s time to reveal your skills. As it happens, we have designated Prezi graphs for this purpose.

Some tantalizing projects in the portfolio part, your areas of interest, and you are ready to display your Prezi Next template for your job interview. And if the basic icons don’t be suitable for you, we have planed a lot of others ahead.

Prezi Next is a great tool. Then why not using it to pick up the job of your dreams ? Thus we have made Just Me – Prezi Next template to make the difference when facing a recruitment consultant.

Prezi typePrezi Next
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides27

$6.00 tax incl.