Simple Marketing Prezi Next Template

Simple Marketing Prezi Next template is a Prezi template which enables you to present simply your business. It is intended for businessmen, startupers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and even for salesmen. Very easy to adapt it to your colours, discover how Prezi Next can help you to become a more persuasive salesman at speaking.

The best presentation of your business with Prezi

Simple Marketing Prezi Next template is really amazing to present his business efficiently with Prezi Next. You have a new project to be presented ?
A service or a product to sell ? We have created a simple media to help you to.

First insert your logo and change the Prezi theme to put it into your colours.

Then we have created numberous models of pages to allow you to present your business. The Prezi text zones have been optimized to be the most harmonious possible and to put your kpi in the spotlight.

Then present your services and products on your Prezi Next template. We have intended Prezi graphs, Prezi icons and a SWOT template form to point out your figures and your competitive advantages.

Finally present the projects of which you are the most proud and don’t forget to use the team model page to introduce your marketing talents.

And if you want more Prezi Next items, we have provided a Prezi Next set of icons so that you can express yourself !

Simple is a Marketing Prezi Next Template. You can use this prezi template to present your business, services and products to your prospects and close many deals !

Prezi typePrezi Next
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides44

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