EVENT - Prezi Next Template

Event prezi next template is a fantastic template to pitch your new event. You can edit every Prezi elements

The Event Next template is a model of layout that allows you to customize the presentation of your document for an important event. It is based on a very simple graphic charter.

With a clean design, the colours and graphic shapes are well chosen to highlight the messages you want to show. Through a simple interface, you can modify and add your own information and multimedia files in a few minutes. Inserting the logo and photos of your event are no longer an expert job. The theme is designed by the best web experts, it uses all technologies currently in fashion such as HTML5 and the powerful frameworks of JavaScript.

Through several slides, you will be able to install your own layout, integrate and segment the information you want to insert into the 40 different pages offered by the model. Promoting your partners by adding social network icons is also easy. The navigation is one of the major advantages of this template, indeed, with a simple zoom with the mouse you can closely visualize the different informations of the page.

Event' is an incredible prezi next template to present your event. Fully customizable, insert your contents, pitch your events, and that's it! 

Prezi typePrezi Next
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides18

$6.00 tax incl.