Launching - Prezi Next Template

Launching - Prezi Next Template is intended for newcomers in business creation by being very simply. It is easy-to-use and saves you hours of time for design.

Prezi template for startup

Launching - Prezi Next is a powerful tool for startupers because it allows them to focus on arranging content on the canvas.

The work of graphic design and marketing thinking is already done by experts, you just have to insert your graphic elements. The advantage of the launching model is that its display is very fluid and that you do not get bored while exploring the 40 slides of it.

The arguments and texts can be spread all over the numerous slides. With this model, as a startuper, you may think first of the feedback from your partners which will clearly earn you a positive return on investment. This model is also a set that have a very trendy aspect, the colours are well chosen and the fonts are easy to adapt to the theme of your industry.

Launching is a template for startuper or people who want to pitch their new business. You can customize every page of this template. It's really simple use.

Prezi typePrezi Next
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides40

$6.00 tax incl.