Minimalist - Prezi Next Template

<p><strong>Minimalist-Prezi Next is a very easy-to-use template</strong> made up of a set of light and simple slides. The architecture of this model offers all the comfort to users to quickly insert their multimedia files. It is fluid and quickly executable.</p>

For which business or support to use this template

<p>For a beginner in IT as for a marketing project manager, the Minimalist-Prezi Next template is the best way to create a marketing structure that can attract the attention of Internet users and future partners. This template has been built up by artistic creation technicians, designers, marketing specialists and ergonomists.</p>

<p>This model contains 40 slides that you can customize to your convinience and it fits both to the classic screens (desktop, TV) and to low display devices. Equipped with the latest web 2.0 technologies, it draws its power from the latest advanced web languages ​​such as HTML5, JS and CSS3. The transitions are also very fluid, the excellent display quality is clear and so common use meets not any obstacle. If you use KPI performance indicators, this tool is for you. You will be able to easily incorporate your measurement tools to evaluate your partners’ reaction as well as the performance of your presentations.</p>

Minimalist is a really simple prezi next template. You can change everything : content, pictures, stats... Because lighter is better!

UniversDesign / Creative
Prezi typePrezi Next
Product typeTemplate
Number of slides40

$6.00 tax incl.