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Custom Prezi Template

Do you need help to personalize your Prezi Next or Prezi Classical ?
You don’t have any time to create a Prezi template in on your ownimage ?
Prezi Templates can help you !

A Prezi designers team

Our Prezi designers team builds every day incredible templates.
So, it’s easy to fill in your slides for you in record time and just as you want it.
Nothing more simple : just fill in the form below and we’ll contact you very soon with a budget proposal including and a delivery deadlinetimeline for the building upcreation of your Prezi presentation.

Which budget for your Prezi custom ?

To be able to define a budget for your Prezi template, it’s important for us to know the volume of contents you want to integrate into your Prezi.
Our time of to design would not beisn’t the same if your presentation is of 10 or of 100 slides.